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One of India's major tourist destinations, Delhi offers a magical blend of ancient history and mesmerising culture that will enthral any visitor. This vibrant place is a true feast for all the senses, with colourful sights, dramatic buildings, bustling markets, glorious weather and the country's world-famous cuisine – all just waiting to delight and captivate you. Delhi is situated in the north of India and is home to the nation’s capital, New Delhi. Well over 1,000 historical buildings are dotted around the city, just waiting to be explored, and incredible religious festivals are held around the year – including the most well-known, Diwali, or the Hindu festival of lights, which takes place around October-November. Read more ...

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Delhi Travel Guide

Delhi, the very name conjures up images of a historical city that cobbles together cultures and timelines making it the perfect melting pot of people from diverse cultures and beliefs. Being the capital of a vast country like India, Delhi has a unique cosmopolitan appeal that can be experienced firsthand when one embarks on a sightseeing tour of the city. Impressive, grandiose, and magnificent historical monuments which dot the city’s landscape provide tourists’ fascinating insights into the city’s evolution over the ages...More...

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