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Plan Your 2021 Volunteering Abroad Trip with STFly

Daydreaming about that fine sand on your feet, an amazing view of a lush green valley from a mountaintop, or wandering through a bustling city taking in all its sounds and senses? Who isn’t at the moment? We are all itching to be just about anywhere else right now, outside of what has become our regular four-wall setting.

Plan Your 2021 Volunteering Abroad Trip with STFly

Even though Covid-19 may have stopped the majority of us from travelling this year, you can still make plans for 2021 with STFly now, and be a part of helping make a difference to communities in the fields of conservation and community development.

Plan Your 2021 Volunteering Abroad Trip with STFly

As our projects look for help in continuing their important and, for many, essential work during this challenging time, you can become a responsible traveller by getting involved in a cause you are passionate about, whilst discovering the real world beyond the window of tourism.

As an international volunteer, you can become part of a community, immersing yourself in local culture, while supporting initiatives making a positive difference to people and environments around the world.

Plan Your 2021 Volunteering Abroad Trip with STFly

Our locally led, sustainable initiatives have been selected for their ethical approaches, community involvement and commitment to impactful and realistic goals. They provide collaborative learning experiences for visitors and locals, with a focus on cultural exchange.

As we look at reopening locations in 2021, we are incorporating advice from local authorities, as well as local and international professional bodies to ensure the safety of our participants, our teams on the ground, and the local communities that we work with.

All we can do is be ready for when that time comes, so why not start your planning now? We are happy to answer any questions, help you decide which project is the best fit for you and give you something to look forward to next year, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Enquire today and make plans to explore the real world with STFly for 2021 - become a part of the responsible travel community, making the world a little smaller, a little more connected and little more understood.

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